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Discover the Art of Bathing

with Soaps of Paradise 

"The Oatmeal soap was the most mild and moisturizing soap I have every used!  I have sensitive skin and need to stay away from harsh chemicals and perfumes.  This soap moisturizes and cleanses without my skin feeling like it's been stripped.  Plus it looks beautiful on display in my bathroom!"

— Samantha P.

"Soaps of Paradise is a fantastic product! Not only does the creator pour tons of energy into producing unique soaps, but she does the research to actually make natural products that truly clean the skin and leave it refreshed and revitalized. No strong, overpowering fragrances are used and all ingredients are natural. These soaps work extremely well and don't leave the skin dry or flaky. I am a big fan of supporting local products, and can't wait to see what else the creator comes up with! Love love love this product!"

— Kim S.

"This soap is a product of the highest quality! I am a person with very sensitive skin with allergies. When I used this soap for the first time I waited for my usual allergic skin reaction - and nothing!!! The skin was moisturized, smelled great and no redness!!! I will never use other soaps!  I highly recommend this soap to everyone with skin problems and to those who value comfort and luxury! In addition to its cleansing and soothing properties, it smells AMAZING!"

— Liliana S.

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